Energize Your Chakras

Energize Your Chakras for

Spiritual Health and Well Being

Our chakra energy system consists of invisible wheels of energy that keep us vibrant and healthy. They correspond to different areas of your body and different aspects of your spiritual growth.

In this Beginner Spirit Circle Program:

We'll take a simple, fun “Wheel of Life” chakra quiz where you will...

- Quickly identify which of your Chakras are strongest or weakest.

- Clearly see how imbalances in your Chakras may affect prosperity and abundance in your life.

- Know which areas of your life to focus on for your higher good.

We will review each of the seven major chakras in detail to include the different aspects of your life that can be affected when any of these areas are "out of balance".

You'd discover how each chakra can enhance your spiritual understanding of where you may be holding stress or anxiety.

You'll also learn divination tools and energy techniques that can help enhance each of the different chakra energy centers to include, crystals, sage, incense, essential oils and many others.

BONUS: Discover the Energy Protection Process and learn how to close down your chakra energy system for protection before entering toxic environments or large groups.

Energize Your Chakras

Leave the class knowing how your Chakras can be used as your own energy guide towards optimal Spiritual Health and Wellness!


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