Orin’s Creating Money: Abundance Audio Journey

Lesson 1

Creating Money Abundance: Orin Meditation by Sanaya Roman

Get comfy cozy for this guided meditation. You can sit or lie as you prefer.  (I like to wrap myself up like a burrito in my electric blanket for guided meditations and journeys.)  Ear buds may be the most optimal way to listen to the channeled session.  This Sample Meditation is part of the Creating Money Attracting Abundance Audio Journeys.

Relax and Enjoy!

Orin and DaBen describe themselves as Beings of Light as channeled through Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. They encourage you to accept only the ideas presented in their courses that seem true to the deepest part of your being, and to set aside any that do not.

They are working with us at this time because humanity is going through a major transition and awakening. Orin and DaBen believe that you have all you need within you to live an abundant, joyful, peaceful life, with loving and harmonious relationships and an enjoyable, purposeful lifestyle! 

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Creating Money Attracting Abundance

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