Basic Survival Secrets For the Psychic Empath

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You've just completed the Beginner Spiritual Development session, "Basic Survival Secrets for the Psychic Empath".  As your spiritual gifts unfold, you become more and more familiar with your psychic gifts and how your intuitive senses word.  Information now begins to come to you more easily and quickly.  You are awakening to your psychic sense!

What's Next....

In the next Beginner Spiritual Development Circle series, we will discover the different ways that Universal Energy works and how you can use your powers for magical manifestations and creations of your outer world.

We'll show you how to create Dynamic Affirmations that will command the Universe to respond to you.  We will also learn ways to elevate your energy so that what you manifest is for the best and highest good!

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Feel free to email me at .  Your email comes straight to my Inbox and I read every one!

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