Basic Survival Secrets

3 Modules 5 Chapters 38 Lessons

About this course

Do people often approach you and share personal stories or feelings?
Can you tell what someone is feeling before they even speak to you?
Do you find it difficult to watch any type of violence or distress on TV or social media?
Are you often the first person to "sense" when something isn't right or unsafe or there is danger for yourself or your family.

Any of these signs may indicate that you could be psychic. A psychic is someone who can "pick up" on the emotions and vibrations of people, places, or things through any of their intuitive senses without effort.

This Online Psychic Intuitive Program is designed to support you in expanding and developing your psychic "clair" gifts.

What You Get:

This six month online program helps to develop your intuitive senses, no psychic experience required. Follow along at your own pace in the privacy of your own home.

Take the “What are my spiritual gifts?" quiz to determine if you may have these intuitive senses.

Get all the information you need to know to understand your special gifts!

You will have access to our Online Spirit Circle content such as:

- Energize Your Chakras for Spiritual Health & Wellness
- Learn the Metaphysical Properties & Mystic Lore of Healing Crystals
- How Dynamic Prosperity Affirmations Can Manifest Success & Abundance
- How Angel Tarot Cards Can Help to Develop Your Intuitive Senses
- Kinesiology: How Muscle Testing Can Increase Your Intuitive Senses
- Discover What Life Has In Store For You through Numerology!

BONUS: Learn Good Spells, Love Potions, Magical Cures, and Other Practical Sorcery

Complete the Program knowing how to embrace your personal intuitive gifts and live a life you love!

And much much more...

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