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This program, Creating Money: Attracting Abundance, is about more than creating money, it is a step-by-step guide to the art of manifesting using advanced energy techniques, magnetism, and the spiritual laws of abundance.

It is important for you as light workers to have the tools you need to be abundant and be successful in getting your work out to the world where you can help others. It is important that money become a source of light on the planet and that people like you who are contributing light and good be able to attract abundance.

Section 1: Creating Money–You will learn how to think about abundance, to discover what you want, and to know that you are the source of your abundance. You will learn processes to magnetize what you want to you as you build a magnetic coil, set your intention, and work with your soul and higher self to attract only the highest and best to yourself.

Section 2: Developing Mastery–Once you are clearer on the essence of what you want, you will learn in Section 2 how to follow your inner guidance, allow success, transform beliefs of scarcity into abundance, let money flow, release survival issues, trust in the universe to bring your higher good, and to be open to miracles.

Section 3: Creating your Life's Work–You will explore how doing what you love can bring you abundance and bring you joy. You will explore more about what your life's work is, strengthen your belief in yourself and your talents and skills, feel that you have what it takes to succeed, trust the flow, and move to a higher path, which will always bring you more abundance.

Section 4: Having Money–You will discover more about how to honor your value and worth, experience more joy, practice the magnetic power of gratitude and appreciation for all that you do have, open to receive, explore giving and receiving, explore how to have more clarity and harmony around money issues, and more about saving to affirm your abundance. Throughout the program there are many exercises to practice becoming more abundant. You can experience prosperity and abundance in every area of your life as you:

Follow the spiritual laws of money Develop unlimited thinking Trust your inner self and create miracles Create clarity, joy and light with money Listen to your inner guidance Use advanced manifesting techniques Create your life's work Transform your beliefs, allow success Magnetize and draw to you what you want

This program contains easy to use spiritual processes to magnetize abundance in every area of your life. You can learn to create what you want using energy, thought, and magnetism, and produce results beyond anything you can create with physical effort alone. These easy-to-learn techniques are powerful and they do work. There are abundance affirmations throughout the course to help you reprogram your subconscious for greater abundance as you read. Discover and create your life's work, transform limiting beliefs, create miracles, and draw to you what you want.

There are many exercises to assist you in energizing your work, magnetizing and drawing to you objects, money, clients for your business, and contacts such as publishers, agents, an employer, or employee. Creating money can be effortless, the natural outcome of how you live. This program will help you to understand manifesting and to live a prosperous, successful, and abundant life!

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