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Now that you have completed the "Energize Your Chakras for Spiritual Health and Well Being" Spirit Circle, we will begin to explore your Clairsentient gifts, your ability to "feel".

When I first realized I had psychic gifts, I felt overwhelmed and confused, and yet excited at the same time.  It was as if someone had turned the lights as I began to learn energy techniquest to help me expand my gifts as well as how to PROTECT myself from negative vibrations and frequencies.

In our next Beginner Spiritual Development Circle series, "Basic Secrets of the Psychic Empath", you will discover a number of Divination Tools and Energy Techniques you can use to enhance your intuitive senses.

Take the “Am I an Empath?" quiz to determine if you may have these intuitive senses.  Get all the information you need to know to understand your special gifts, including:- How to differentiate between your thoughts and feelings from the thoughts and feelings of others- Simple techniques to raise your vibrational energy, protecting yourself from different energy frequencies- Learn how to clear the energy in your home or office- Get acquainted with some simple divination tools such as crystals, tarot, sage, and incense- Discover a powerful protection technique to help shield yourself when interacting in large group settings or unknown territories- How to safely turn on and off your connection to others so you can stay in control!- Leave the class knowing how to embrace your personal intuitive gifts and live a life you love!

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