LB115: Awakening Your Light Body

12 Lessons Intermediate

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Awakening Your Light Body Part 5: Awakening Your Light Body

Congratulations on awakening your 7 vibrational energy body centers! You are now ready to awaken your 3 light body centers. In the first four parts of this course, you learned the physical ease, emotional flow, and mental fluidity; and learned how to create enough harmony in the Renawre cocoon to make this step possible.

This next step represents a fairly large vibrational shift from the experiences you had with the vibrational energy bodies, and the spaces that open up. As you work with the first light body center, the Fullonia, in this part, DaBen leads you into new, higher and more expanded spaces, and further develops your ability to sense subtle energies in ways that are possible only because of all the work you have done in the previous parts of this course. Enjoy!

You have learned the 7 vibrational energy body centers and now it is time to start awakening your 3 light body centers! In Part 5, DaBen transmits to you the sounds and frequencies that awaken your first 2 light body centers. When awakened, these centers can assist you in experiencing states of joy, inner visualizations, feelings, and sensations that are beautiful beyond words.

Orin will guide you to experience and meet the soul of the earth to view life from the earth's perspective.

You will learn how to connect soul-to-soul with loved ones to transform your relationships and to radiate light to others. You will "breathe with the universe" and journey into the oneness. You can learn how to exist both in this dimension and also be aware of other dimensions you exist in at the same time as your greatly expanded Self.

You will journey to the Temple of the Masters  to clear, purify, and add higher frequencies to your aura. Learn how to become a source of light, and call to you those who can respond to the light you are radiating – friends, loved ones, students, and the beings of light. If you should choose to do so, prepare to become a powerful worker of the light and a spiritual leader, teacher, or healer.

Part 5 contains 12 DaBen and Orin audio journeys approximately 21-30 minutes each. Course comes with manual with instructions, extensive information, and transcripts of the journeys.

Prerequisites: Our goal is for you to be successful with this course.  Part 5 Awakening Your Light Body is the 5th part of a 6 part series.  Because it is important to understand the Light Body skills learned in Parts 1 through 4 to be able to work with and understand the light body skills taught in Part 5, we require that you study this 6 part course in sequence.

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