Light Body 112: Opening Your Heart Center

12 Lessons Advanced

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Awakening Your Light Body Part 2: Opening Your Heart Center

In Part 2 of the Awakening Your Light Body course, DaBen transmits the frequencies and sounds that open your 4th energy body center, called the Ranthia. This center creates flow and assists you in experiencing love. You can work with it to experience blissful, calm states of emotional flow, peace, and relaxation. You can use this center to further enhance your ability to stay emotionally balanced and neutral around negative energies. You can stay connected upward, centered in the light, calm, peaceful, and at one with your inner self no matter what is going on around you.

You do not need to master the centers you learned in Part 1 to go to the next level; in fact you will be able to sense more about the first 3 centers when you open up this 4th center. As you progress through the light body you are awakening new consciousness. When you listen to earlier journeys, you will usually find that you have brand new and more expanded experiences of the spaces and centers as you are bringing more consciousness to those spaces.

You will journey with Orin to meet the Enlightened Ones; the beings of light who can assist you in your awakening. You will work with them to experience increased love, forgiveness, and compassion for yourself and others. You will clear and release other people's energy from your aura. You may discover that you have been using too much of your energy to help other people and that you can assist people in more profound ways without using your own energy.

Orin will guide you to awaken your inner healer, and you will learn more about self-healing.

As you work with this center, you will learn how to send the power you have been generating in your lower centers up into your higher ones to awaken them. DaBen will show you how to increase the flow of energy in your physical body and how to release muscle pain. You will learn how to use this 4th center and the lower three centers to create a greater sense of physical vitality and to transform the energy of the food you eat. You will explore self-healing and ways to stay neutral around others, discovering more about how to set a healing space for others, awaken your inner healer, and create a sense of greater physical vitality. DaBen will guide you to work with beings of light who can teach you about love and blending.

Part 2 contains 12 DaBen and Orin audio journeys approximately 21-30 minutes each. CDs come with a printed manual and downloads come with a PDF manual. Both contain instructions, information, and transcripts of the journeys.

Prerequisite: Our goal is for you to be successful with this course. We require that you study this course in sequence. Opening Your Heart Center is part 2 of a 6 part series. It is important to understand the skills learned in part 1 to be able to work with and understand the light body skills taught in part 2.

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