Light Body 113: Your Higher Energy Centers

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Awakening Your Light Body Part 3: Activating Your Higher Energy Centers

The Awakening Your Light Body courses offer a unique path of spiritual awakening through experiential, progressive expansions of consciousness that assist you in directly knowing the truth of your being.

We hope you are enjoying the energy and flow that is possible as you work with the first 4 centers of the vibrational energy bodies of DaBen and Orin's  Awakening Your Light Body  course. Orin and DaBen have called those of you to the light body course who are leaders, teachers, and healers. They have called you who are capable of holding and radiating the light of your awakened light body to many. You have heard the call, and have begun to awaken your light body in Part 1 and Part 2.

Orin and DaBen can observe the increase in your inner light since you began meditating with these audio journeys. Whether you are aware of your greater light or not, you have added light, flow, harmony, and radiance to your aura and energy. Orin and DaBen recognize your commitment to your spiritual path, to your world service, and to becoming a source of light. They are grateful for your willingness to take this step and for the contribution you are making to humanity as you radiate more light.

As you awaken your light body you are on a path of enlightenment. Enlightenment is a process, not a destination.

There is no limit to how high, centered, aware, conscious, loving, peaceful, radiant, and clear you can become.

As you awaken your light body, you are in the process of keying your subatomic level to a higher note, to a new vibration.
This inner note can bring you a greater ability to experience balance, clarity, harmony, love, compassion, and many other qualities. As you increase your vibration, many things in your life will be transformed to reflect your higher vibration.

Since you have awakened the first 4 vibrational energy body centers, now in Part 3 of this course, DaBen transmits the sounds and frequencies that activate your three higher energy centers. The first 4 centers bring more physical ease and emotional flow, and set the foundation for you to have the necessary harmony and flow to open your higher centers. With this awakening, you can better experience your higher mind, and increase your creativity and ability to find creative solutions to situations.

As you work with the upper centers, DaBen will show you how to work with your mental body and connect with the Universal Mind  to experience higher, more positive and unlimited thoughts, and to manifest what you want in accordance with the higher purpose of your life. DaBen will show you how to watch your thoughts as they set up, then add a higher frequency to them.

You will explore states of ­consciousness that expand the way you think, bringing illumination, insights, and focused awareness. You can learn to change negative, more limited thoughts into positive, expanded thoughts. Your thoughts can reflect the truth of who you are - loving, intuitive, clear, and full of fresh, original ideas about any area you think of. DaBen will take you on journeys through the void, and to experience more light. You will learn ways to have a quiet mind and to stop mental chatter.

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