Light Body 114: Aligning Your Vibrational Energy Centers

12 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

Awakening Your Light Body Part 4: Aligning Your Vibrational Energy Bodies

You have now awakened your 7 vibrational energy body centers with the completion of Parts 1 through 3 of this course. You can work with these centers one at a time or in combination with each other to experience many heightened, expanded states of awareness. You can be more aware of subtle, higher energies and learn how to make these energies a part of your life and consciousness. Doing so raises your vibration and can bring you more joy, harmony, peace, balance, flow, supply, and energy.

This is a wonderful set of light body meditations to use to play with the energy body centers you have learned, using them to experience various states of consciousness. As you learn new ways to work with the centers, you can quiet your thoughts, have no thoughts, feel energized, and enhance your inner vision and intuitive abilities. You can work with your light body centers to recharge your energy at core, source levels and to feel more harmonized and balanced.

You will be guided to transform relationship and abundance issues by working on them first as energy, then to be open to experience the changes that can occur in these areas afterward. You can learn to create emotional flow and mental fluidity at will as you gain the harmony with your 7 vibrational energy body centers that awakens your 3 light body centers in Part 5. Learn how to feel the way you want to feel!

Orin will guide you to explore what it is like to live in higher, more refined energy. You will use your light body to open your channel to your higher self and/or to your guide. You will join the Masters to reprogram your DNA for spiritual evolution, to expand your aura, and to create more light in your life.

Part 4 contains 12 DaBen and Orin audio journeys approximately 21-30 minutes each. Course comes with manual with instructions, extensive information, and transcripts of the journeys.

Prerequisites: Our goal is for you to be successful with this course.   Part 4 Aligning Your Vibrational Energy Bodies  is the 4th part of a 6 part series.  Because it is important to understand the Light Body skills learned in Parts 1 through 3 to be able to work with and understand the light body skills taught in Part 4, we require that you study this 6 part course in sequence.

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