February 27

2020-04-22: Introduction to Awakening Your Light Body (Advanced Spirit Circle)


Have you been on a path of spiritual growth?
Are you interested in experiencing expanded states of consciousness?
Are you receiving inner guidance to create new things in your life, to put more time and energy into your higher path and purpose?

In this Meetup, we will introduce a new series of Advanced Spirit Circles called the "Awaken Your Light Body" where you will discover your seven vibrational energy body centers. These centers connect you to Source Energy and power your "Light".

You can feel and work with them, creating positive and lasting results. You can go higher, feel more balanced, stable, clear headed, creative, and gain a new perspective on life.

Awakening your light body through channeled meditations with Orin and Dabin may be your next step of spiritual growth, if it calls to you and feels right to the deepest part of your being.

Orin and Dabin are channeled Light Beings of benevolent consciousness that are available, willing and happy to assist you on your spiritual path to discover more of your innermost, true Self, and to directly experience higher states of consciousness. No prior channeling experience necessary.

In this Advanced Spirit Circle, we'll do several meditations including:
- Building Your Power Base
- Opening Your Heart Center
- Activating Your Higher Energy Centers
- Aligning Your Vibrational Energy Bodies
- Awakening Your Light Body
- Becoming Radiant

These Light Body exercises offer a path of expansion into greater awareness of consciousness itself, of the Source of your being.

As you awaken, build, and expand your light body you become aware of the vaster Universe of which you are part. How you experience and live your life is determined by your consciousness. You learn to increase your vibration, attract better and more positive circumstances to yourself, experience positive emotions, peaceful thoughts and well being.

Learn all about your own Light Body energy system and how to work with your vibrational energy centers to expand and connect to higher realms of consciousness through guided meditations and mantras.

RSVP on Meetup by Mon April 20th for $30 Early Bird Pricing!

Pay online at https://spirit1234.com/2020-04-22_EarlyBirdPrice

Or pay 40.00 at the door.

Leave the Awaken Your Light Body Advanced Spirit Circle creating a deeper and more meaningful connection to your friends and loved ones creating an abundance of peace, joy, love, and much much more!

Awakening Your Light Body Advanced Spirit Circles based on the teachings and guided meditations by Orin and Dabin at https://www.orindaben.com/

Regina helps men and women develop their spiritual intuitive gifts, so they can easily access higher realms of consciousness using simple divination tools for guidance and direction to create a life they love full of prosperity, happiness, and success.

Regina has been a natural mystic and empath all her life and has been able to detect the energy of people, places, and things since the age of 9. Regina has developed her own intuitive gifts and healing modalities while studying with many Holistic Practitioners, Spiritual Healers, Psychic Mediums, Coaches, Authors, and Speakers. In 2019, Regina received recognition as a Light Body Instructor with LuminEssence Productions. Regina now practices as a Certified Business Coach, Teacher & Mystic at Holistic Meditation and Metaphysical Centers around the MD, DC, and VA.

DISCLAIMER: Concepts and strategies shared in from Regina Luffey are ideas that have worked for members of her community. All content is for informational purposes only. Always use your own judgment and get the advice of professionals before partaking in any practice or exercise for your own spiritual health and well-being.


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