February 24

Sacred Circle Bookstore: A Magical Place for the Beginner Intuitive


I can see auras.  Well... to be more specific, I've seen two thus far.  One last week, around Ms. Tracy Farquhar, during our Psychic Savants exercise.  Which was super cool!  Kind of like mis-focusing your eyes on those mind puzzle holograms that pop out at you.  This was similar to that, a mis-focus if you will.  I could SEE a glowing light that emanated against the wall behind her.  I was amazed to see it!  I blinked my eyes and it disappeared.  But then I could un-focus again and see it! 

The second time I saw an aura was Friday night during our Beginner Spiritual Development Circle at the Sacred Circle Bookstore.  Upstairs, in a private room, with four other people, we were discussing what we thought our spiritual gifts were.  Collectively we were a very energetic group open to learning more about our intuitive senses.

When my friend replied that he didn't really know what his gifts were, I smiled.  I know you are not supposed to "read" people without their permission.   However, I accidentally "scanned" my friend for information, picking up on the energetic vibration of green.  That's how I read people, by their color vibration.  I often pick up on the color green for those that are heart centered, loving, kind, and often signifies a Healer or the individual has the potential to heal.  This person also had a hugh of violet, which signifies wisdom and knowledgeable.  Whether or not he is aware of his ability to access this ancient unlimited knowledge through his intuitive senses, I do not know.

But this time reading him, I picked up on something else.  At first it looked like a halo...  The glow projected about 2 to 3 inches from his head.  I was not surprised that this person had a halo, I was surprised that I could SEE it! 

Whilst he continued to share, I looked further down his shoulders and realized the light extended beyond his whole body, meaning his shoulders were glowing too.  It looked just like a shadow of him only it was of LIGHT.  Cool, I thought to myself, I can see his aura! 

Realizing I had left the conversation, I quickly came back to pay attention to the WORDS my friend was saying.  Changing from feeling to hearing, I returned my attention to the Spirit Circle.  This was our FIRST spirit circle in Alexandria and the four of us laid the foundation for creating a safe atmosphere to experience and expand our intuitive senses.  The other vibrations in the room were, orange/green (creative and heart centered), yellow (intelligent and happy), and blue/violet (wisdom/knowledge) energy vibrations. It was a pleasure and a delight to meet these fellow Light beings on their spiritual journey and I hope I get to engage with them again!

For upcoming Beginner Spiritual Development Circles at the Sacred Circle Bookstore, please visit us online at: https://www.meetup.com/spiritcircle/events/

FREE PARKING MAP: Visit the Sacred Circle Bookstore website for a map of free parking in the area: http://www.sacredcirclebooks.com/find-us/


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