October 20

To live an intuitive life, you must believe in your gifts!


Each and every one of us possesses the spiritual ability to become consciously aware of the working of our soul senses.

Opening the door to your natural intuitive powers is an exciting, enlightening, and life-changing experience!

Using the soul sense of intuition is quite natural; and you can learn to recognize, practice, and trust it. By doing so, you begin to develop a wonderful resource for guidance, transformation, manifestation, and self-empowerment that you can call upon and share the rest of your life.

To live an intuitive life, you must BELIEVE and KNOW that you're equipped with all the tools you need.

Our Spirit Circles provide a safe and loving space for you to expand those intuitive senses and practice using your gifts with encouragement and support.

In last week's Spirit Circle, I was surprised and delighted to feel the energy of LOVE in the room and a claircognizant sense of agreement in KNOWING that our thoughts create our world. It was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to hearing of what magic unfolds from our spell casting full of focused intent and energy!

Laura & Regina

As the Holiday's draw near, I encourage you to be mindful of your energy as you are expanding and ascending to a higher level of consciousness this season. As you expand and develop your spiritual gifts, you become more sensitive to your environment and the people in your life.

As much as the Holidays are a time for family gatherings and love, it can also be a time of sadness or loneliness for some or grief and longing for those who have passed. You may pick up on these sensitivities of people around you who are troubled or in difficult circumstances.

Do be sure to practice self-care during the Holiday season and use whatever energy techniques you've learned to protect yourself from lower vibrations of others and keep your own vibrations protected and of the highest frequency you can achieve.

We will be starting our Online Program "Basic Survival Secrets for the Psychic Intuitive" this December, just before the Holidays, to help those of us with blossoming psychic gifts to practice using Divination Tools and Energy Techniques to keep your vibrations high. Your soul intuition is actually speaking to you always, but most of the time you may not be even be aware of it. There are numerous benefits from tapping in to your inner awareness, but it's important to remember that it's not just about predictions or finding easy answers to problems.

Here are just a few of the rewards of developing your intuitive abilities:
- improve your relationships
- enhance your creative ability
- make the most of your career
- receive intuitive guidance on important decisions
- connect to your loved ones who have passed on
- enhance your physical abilities
- feel more connected to nature and the Universe
- notice more synchronicities in your life
- be more guided on your soul's journey

You can benefit from all of these things and more by using and strengthening your intuitive psychic ability!

Here's to your Spiritual Health & Wellness,


P.S. For more information on expanding your psychic gifts in our Online Program and Early Bird pricing visit: 


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