How to Channel a Guide or Your Higher Self


How can you know if you are ready to connect with and/or channel your own Spirit Guide?

We have prepared some questions to ask yourself to help you determine if you are ready:

1. Have you been on a path of spiritual growth for awhile? Are you ready to be on an accelerated path of growth?

2. Are you interested in experiencing expanded states of consciousness?

3. Is finding and living your higher purpose important to you?

4. Are you willing to let go of those things that no longer serve your higher good, and to create those things that do?

5. Are you somewhat self-reliant and creative?

6. Do you trust your inner guidance and follow it with action?

7. Do you believe that you can create your own reality?

In this next Spirit Circle, we will discover how to channel a high vibrational Spirit Guide and receive wisdom, guidance and direction.

If you are drawn to such things as meditation, learning how to channel, developing your psychic or clairvoyant abilities then this Spirit Circle will show you ways that expand your consciousness.

This course is for you if you are aware that you have a higher self and soul and would like to strengthen your connection to them.

You are interested in developing your psychic abilities and in becoming more aware of subtle energies and how to work with them.

You have an interest in experiencing expanded states of consciousness that bring clarity, new ideas, and insights.

You believe that you can create your own reality, and are interested in becoming more skilled at creating the reality you want.

Meeting Your Spirit Guide

Sign Up Today for our upcoming monthly Spirit Circle:

How to Channel a Guide or Your Higher Self

Sunday, December 10, 2023 at 1:00 PM

All are welcome!

RAFFLE: One lucky participant will win a copy of Orin and DaBen's book "Opening to Channel: Connecting With Your Guide".

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Regina A. Luffey

Regina A. Luffey

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