How to Prepare for Your Hypnosis Session


Edgar Cayce, twentieth century psychic and medical clairvoyant, was referred to as "The Sleeping Profit", by going into an Altered State of Consciousness (ASC), bringing through thousands of readings, providing homeopathic remedies for illnesses and sickness to men and women of all ages.

He would go into a hypnotic state by loosening his tie, his belt, untying his shoes and relaxing on a couch.

His wife, Gertrude Cayce, would facilitate the reading session and ask questions on behalf of the person wanting the reading.

His transcriptionist, Gladys Davis, would document the reading as it unfolded, providing a copy to the Client. 

At the end of the reading, his wife would gently bring him back to present day consciousness, refreshed as if he had just come out of a deep sleep.

Rarely did he remember what information was received during the readings and would have to read the transcripts afterwards for verification that something DID happen while he was in a hypnotic state!

Edgar Cayce

Lying down on a couch is one way to position yourself and get comfortable for your hypnosis session.

You want to find someplace that is comfortable, that you can remain still and safe for an extended amount of time.

You can sit in a chair, relax in a recliner, or do what I do and curl up in your bed all cozy and snugly warm.

If you fall asleep, that's okay, you will still be able to hear the sound of my voice.

If you remain alert, that's okay, you will be able to speak about what you are experiencing and can heighten the experience through sharing.

If you think you are imagining things, that's okay, you're doing it right!

For it is through our imagination that we are able to visit different dimensions of consciousness.

Some things you may want to consider:
- a quiet comfortable place in your home such as a couch or a bed
- earbuds for listening and speaking
- recording the session on your phone
- ensure you are well hydrated and in a good state of mind for optimal energy transference

Doorway to the Subconscious Mind

Lying in your own bed may be one of the easiest ways to drift into an ASC as we often go through hypnosis twice a day.

Once when we come awake and again when we go to sleep.

Whatever method you choose, sitting, reclining or laying down, make sure you are in a comfortable position.

Uncross your arms and your legs. Nothing crossed. Just find yourself in a relaxed position where you can remain for a long period of time, spine straight.

Often people in my hypnosis sessions will experience a heightened sense of awareness once they close their eyes and relax.

We count back from five to one...

Imagery, colors, sound, feelings become more visual and audible.

As if in a dream, they are able to experience situations and events that may otherwise not be accessible with their normal waking state of consciousness.

We create a safe space, asking for protection from your spirit guides, angels, arch angels and ascended masters, any benevolent beings assisting you from other dimensions.

It is sometimes your Higher Self or your Soul Self that is the easiest to contact.

No hypnotic suggestion would take place without the agreement of your subconscious mind.

For example, if you were asked to harm someone under hypnosis, and your subconscious mind did not agree with this suggestion, it simple wouldn't take hold.

However, if you wanted to loose weight, for example, and you were asked to walk past a candy machine, without any disregard, and switch your thoughts to a lighter, slimmer healthy body for summertime, this suggestion may be more agreeable with your subconscious mind and it would stay.

The more thought you give to an idea, the more it becomes a reality.

As long as the suggestion or idea raises your vibrational frequency around a situation you would like to change, the situation often simply disappears.

Woman Enjoying Hypnosis Session

The most important part of hypnosis is concentration. Unlike meditation where you strive to clear your mind of all thoughts, hypnosis is a form of visual imagery that allows for you to focus on any image or message that comes to you through this relaxed state of consciousness.

New ideas and thoughts are more easily suggested for any area of your life that you would like to change. Post hypnotic suggestions may include a key phrase or visual reminder of the new possibility.

In coming back into an awakened state, we count up slowly from one to five...

Wiggling your fingers, your toes, stretching, and gently opening your eyes.

Afterwards, we'll reflect upon any information or insight you may have received, identifying the best parts, which allow for an even deeper of the experience.

Often times after a hypnosis session, there really isn't anything to DO because the new ideas create new thought patterns and take on a life of their own.

However, some habits, including self-sabotage or self-degradation, may have taken years to form. We can be very hard on ourselves and it may take more than one session to reprogram the brain and letting go of limiting beliefs in exchange for thoughts and ideas that restore your self-worth and sense of power.

Little by little, step by step, every day here a little there a little, one moves forward with more confidence and purpose on their spiritual journey to self-discovery, happiness and success!

Here's to your spiritual health and wellness!

Regina A. Luffey

Regina A. Luffey

Business Coach, Teacher & Mystic

Alexandria, VA 22311

Regina Luffey has been a natural mystic all her life and has been able to detect the energy of people, places, and things since the age of 9. She helps men and women develop their intuitive senses, so they can easily access higher realms of consciousness for guidance and direction to create a life they love, full of happiness, prosperity, and success.

Regina is a lightworker who now practices as a Business Coach, Hypnotherapist & Mystic in Alexandria VA. You can read more about Regina and her work at

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