May 17

What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Extraterrestrials


If someone were to mention extraterrestrials just a few years ago, I became terrified, gripped with fear about little green men coming to hurt me and take over the planet. 

Which is exactly what "they" want us to think.  Or so I discovered while watching my first eye opening movie about Government conspiracy theories and covert coverups in the movie "Unacknowledged", released in 2017 by Dr. Steven Greer.  

Such information is revealed when one steps onto the spiritual path and begins to delve into angels and spirits, reincarnation and the after-life, the probable almost certain question that shows up is, do aliens really exist?

With the skies filled with stars at night, it made no real sense to me that we would be the only conscious beings in the Universe.  And yet, the only portrayal of aliens that I was aware of came from Hollywood movies such as Independence Day, Predator, Alien, Star Wars, and Men in Black.

No one in my religious circles talked about aliens.  How could they be explained if humans were created in God's likeness?  I pushed the thought of aliens far from my mind for many years.  One of my Pentagon friends almost convinced me they weren't real when he made the comment that with technology today, surely someone would have taken a picture of one by now!  And yet no main stream news media was reporting about little green men or flying saucers.

More and more, I was becoming aware of myself and others spiritual beings and different the puzzle pieces of my own awareness of energy began to appear.  One book after another, from Tracy Farquhar's "Frank Talk" to Dolores Cannon's "Keepers of the Garden" I began to form another view of extraterrestrials as benevolent beings of higher consciousness that did not intend harm nor destruction.  Synchronicities began to appear that had me aware that I had a connection with a God Consciousness Energy myself and "they" were loving, kind, and sometimes... quite funny!

One thing I LOVE about the Spirit World, is that they will not give me no more than I am able to handle at any given time.  

Or so I thought....

In 2017, my viewing of Dr. Steven Greer's movie, Unacknowledged, completely altered my view of the world and the pampered alien free world as I knew it, literally ceased to exist overnight.  

It wasn't so much that extraterrestrials existed, for deep down, I had always known, but that the Government had been keeping this a secret, removing all information of alien sighting from Wikipedia, social media, major newspapers, and forming a secret undercover organization since the 1940's! 

Not only did Dr. Greer feel that there was a conspiracy to keep information about aliens out of the news but that they were actually NOT hostile, NOT out to destroy us, and had no intention what so ever to harm us.  Really, I wondered?  They might actually be friendly?

So began my quest for information, nay PROOF, that higher dimensions of consciousness, beings from other dimensions and planets DO in fact exist. To my delight, the Universe was more than happy to begin to unveil herself to me through books, people, situations, and events that did not go unnoticed by me as chance or luck.  

In fact, I became quite aware that this energy, of which Nikola Tesla interacted with, could in fact be "feel" with my intuitive senses.  I would often find myself guided or directed through my own conscious thoughts when in trancelike states of awareness. 

Therefore, it is with excitement and delight that we begin to delve into the world of the metaphysical.  

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind

Our next Free Beginner Spiritual Development Circle is this Monday night where we will touch upon said topics as we present an introduction to Dr. Steven Greer's Third Full Length Documentary on Extraterrestrials: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (CE5).

Everyone is welcome to ask questions and get answers regarding Dr. Steven Greer's new movie, CE-5 Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, Extraterrestrials, our expanded awareness of other life forms, and how to access your own spirit guides and angels.

Monday, May 18, 2020
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM EDT

Register in advance for this free Spirit Circle webinar at:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Come with inquisitive questions about UFOs, aliens, expanded states of consciousness, and how you can explore hidden knowledge about the Universe and many things you want to know!

Dr. Greer' "Sirius", released in 2013, is a feature length documentary that follows Dr. Steven Greer, an Emergency Room doctor turned UFO researcher who seeks to induce government transparency about extraterrestrial life available on Amazon* at

Dr. Greer's "Unacknowledged: An Expose of the World's Greatest Secret" came out in 2017, revealing the intent behind UFO secrecy, viewer learned that there was another possibility to UFOs that revealed them as evolved beings that had no intent on harm or destroy but assist in the evolution of human conscious available on Amazon* at

Dr. Greer's "CE5: Close Encounters of the 5th Kind" was released just last month, April 2020 initiating a global movement of peaceful contact with extraterrestrials.  Dr. Greer's ultimate goal is to reach 75 million people — 1% of the earth’s population, to unite and create an Enlightened future that is peaceful, conscious and sustainable!  The new CE5 movie is available on Amazon* at

* Amazon Affiliate links are promotional in nature and proceeds support the Beginner Spiritual Development Circle Community.

Psychic Development 101

Would you like to expand your intuitive senses with a professional Psychic Medium?  Join me as we participate in Tracy Farquhar’s' Psychic Development 101 Course starting this Thursday, May 21st

Online via Zoom
10 Thursdays beginning May 21st, 2020
7 - 8:30 PM ET

Here is the tentative schedule:

May 21
Energy, Auras, Chakras and Pendulums
May 28
Psychometry and Reading Photographs
June 4
Guest Speaker TBA
June 11
Energy Healing Methods and Healing Circle
June 18
Telepathy and Remote Viewing
June 25
Guest Speaker TBA
July 2
Using Oracle and Tarot Cards
July 9
Mediumship and Paranormal Investigation
July 16
July 23
Wrap-up Discussion and Spirit Gallery Demonstration

Register in advance for Psychic Development 101 here:

You can read more about Tracy Farquhar Hay House Author, Psychic Medium, and Channel and her work at

Awakening Your LIght Body

Our Awakening Your Light Body Series continues with Part 5: The Fullonia Light Body Center

In the first four parts of this course, light beings, Orin and DaBen taught us physical ease, emotional flow, and mental fluidity; and how to create harmony throughout your body by activating your 7 vibrational energy centers.

This next step represents a fairly large vibrational shift from the experiences you had with the vibrational energy bodies, and the spaces that open up. 

As you work with the first light body center, the Fullonia, in this part, you are lead into new, higher and more expanded spaces, and further development of your ability to sense subtle energies in ways that are possible because of all the work you have done in the previous parts of this course. 

Part 5: Awakening Your Light Body
Monday, May 25, 2020
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

REGISTER in advance for this Spirit Circle webinar:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Leave the Spirit Circle with a new found awareness of your own Light Being energy centers bringing a sense of calm peaceful tranquility to all areas of your life in these challenging times of global transformation!

Guides & Spirits

We also express our sincere gratitude and thanks to our own resident extraterrestrial expert and channel, Ms. Tracy Farquhar.

We had a wonderful evening of spiritual and mediumship readings this month and had such a positive uplifting and loving response from the Spirit World.  

We've asked Tracy to come back for another Guides and Spirits Salon on Friday May 29th at 6:30 pm.

In this Spirit Circle we have limited the registration to 10 participants only in order to ensure everyone receives a reading.

Tracy will connect with loved ones in spirit and share any messages she receives. All participants are guaranteed a message. The length of your reading will be dependent upon how many guests are in the audience and the amount of time available.

Everyone joining us online will find the experience moving and inspirational.

ONLINE: Guides & Spirits Salon with Tracy Farquhar, Psychic Medium
Friday, May 29, 2020
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM EDT

Register in advance for this Spirit Circle webinar at:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Leave the Meetup feeling expanded with new found wisdom and insights!

Free Monday Night Spirit Circles

We have many upcoming opportunities for you to expand your spiritual health and wellness through a number of upcoming classes and online sessions. 

For more Beginner and Awakening Spiritual Development Free Events, visit us on Meetup at:

Here's to your Spiritual Health & Wellness,

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