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Holistic and Hypnotherapy Services in Alexandria VA 

Do you suspect you may have psychic gifts?  Can you intuitively pick up on the vibration of people, places, or things? Ready to expand your natural intuitive senses?

Spirital Empowerment

Discover your spiritual gifts and create a life you love full of prosperity, happiness, and success.

Anyone interested in expanding your intuitive abilities or gifts, can enahnce your psychic skills, expand your intuitive senses, and enhance your holistic health and wellness through our coaching and mentorship programs.  

When you pair your intuition with the sense of where your soul is meant to lead you, you’ll begin to see a life path that you never thought possible!

How It Works


Find out which of our services is right for you.  Schedule a free discovery session to learn more about the benefits of holistic healing and how we can help you move forward in areas of your life that matter most to you.


Create a crystal clear vision for your desired outcome and success.  Uncover hidden challenges that might be slowing you down, standing in the way or stopping you from attaining your desired results.


Leave the session renewed, energized, and empowered to live a life you love. Feel confident that you are on the right path to enhance and expand your spiritual journey towards prosperity, happiness, and success! 

In this online Soul Empowering Discovery Session, we'll connect with Source Energy (including your angels, spirit guides, light beings, star seed family...) and ask for guidance on any area of your life that matters most to you. Receivie insight and direction on how to move forward with confidence and inspiration to live a life you love full of prosperity, happiness and success!

Schedule Your FREE One on One Soul Empowering Discovery Session today and learn how to expand and contract your psychic gifts for better health, wellness, relationships, prosperity and success.

Overcome Addiction, Stress & Anxiety

with Our Holistic Health Sessions

Book Your Private Holistic Health Session Today!


Tarot and Oracle Reading

During your Reading, we will connect with the Spirit Realm using Tarot & Oracle cards to receive Divine Love, Wisdom, and Guidance from the Spirit Realm on any area of your life such as Health, Wealth, Relationships, Career, Finance, and much much more!


Are You an Empath?

Has anyone ever told you that you are "too sensitive"? Do you pick up on the energy of other people? Have you ever felt overwhelmed or confused and not sure why? You could be an Empath! Learn energy techniquest you can use to enhance your spiritual gifts!



Using Numerology, we'll identify your Life Path Number and the ideal Life Path Number of your Soul Mate. Discover proven techniques to help attract the right person, what to say, how to say it and what to do to keep them healthy, happy, and in love with You!


Astrology Reading

Gain insight into your personality, strengths, weaknesses, passions, and motivations. You will receive a detailed birth chart based on your exact date of birth and where you were born. Leave the session knowing who you are and what the Universe has in store for you!


Energy Reading

We'll connect with Source Energy with crystals and a pendulum to read your bodie's energy centers and open up blocked areas where energy may be trapped and restricted from flowing freely.  Leave the session moved, touched, and inspired to move forward with ease and grace!


Spiritual Hypnosis Session

Your Spiritual Hypnosis Session is a gentle, flexible and profound method of hypnosis that invites your Soul (and your spirit guides, angels, etc.) to take you on the Spiritual Hypnosis journey of self discovery. Enjoy new possibilities presented to you through your connection with your Divine Self!


Regina helps men and women develop their spiritual intuitive gifts, so they can easily access higher realms of consciousness using simple divination tools for guidance and direction to create a life they love full of prosperity, happiness, and success.

Regina has been a natural mystic all her life and has been able to detect the energy of people, places, and things since the age of 9. Regina has developed her own intuitive gifts and healing modalities while studying with many Holistic Practitioners, Spiritual Healers, Authors, and Speakers.

Regina now practices as a Hypnotherapist, Teacher & Mystic helping psychics, mediums, and holistic practitioners with their online business to help get their services out to the world.

Regina A. Luffey, CHt Hypnotherapist, Teacher & Mystic

In our onlilne sessions, we explore how naturally intuitive people, such as yourself, can tune into higher realsm of consciousness and soul empowering information that allow you to make successful decisions in your personal and professional life.

Learn how naturally intuitive people tune into the energies around them to make successful decisions in their personal and work life.

As you learn how to recognize and work with your own natural intuitive senses, you’ll find it easier to:

• Make better decisions in your personal and business life!

• Learn the proper way to ask your intuition specific questions.

• Develop creative solutions and possibilities.

• Visualize and sense the best outcomes and determine if they're for your highest good.

When you pair your intuition with the sense of where your soul is meant to lead you, you’ll begin to see a life path that you never thought possible!

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