August 22

Why Our World Would End if Tithing Disappeared


Has this pandemic been a financial struggle for you?

Do you wonder if there will ever be an end to your years of effort and hard work?

Are you still living paycheck to paycheck, desperate for a break from the rat race we call life?

One of the best money-making tips I've ever encountered came to me in the most unusual of ways.

In the summer of 2016, a Unity church minister named Ms. Edwene Gaines taught a group of women leaders a spiritual practice that made a big impact on all of us and turned my financial situation around completely.

The spiritual art of Tithing had a magical impact on me as I accepted Rev Gaines double dog dare to give it a try.

She challenged us to tithe, give 10 percent of every dollar we made, towards wherever we were spiritually fed, acknowledging a power higher than ourselves exists and is willing, happy, and able to assist us. It could be a minister, a priest, and organization that inspired us, or even a local community member; whomever provided services that expanded or enlightened us. 

Rev Edwene Gaines

According to the Law of Prosperity, whatever you put out into the Universe, will come back to you in unimaginable ways, she said.

Sure, I'll give it a try, I thought. I picked up a little black ledger and began to write down money that I was receiving, calculating a 10th of the income, and tithing towards those in my life who were expanding and supporting me in my spiritual development.

Mystical Gurus, Hypnotherapists, Channels, Mediums, Holistic Practitioners and others who inspired me on my path, I began to tithe with gratitude and respect.

I started paying attention to the income I was attracting and, to my surprise, more and more people began paying me for psychic services and coaching sessions. I practiced the art of forgiveness of myself and others and was happy and delighted to allow and receive even more money to flow in which, after tithing, helped me to pay down many bills and stabilize my finances.

These days, I tithe regularly to larger organizations such as Scott Harrison's "Charity Water" that helps dig wells, provide filters, and brings clean water to children and families in remote countries.

Or President Jimmy Carter's "Peacekeepers" who has helped to improve life for people in more than 80 countries by resolving conflicts; advancing democracy and human rights; preventing diseases; and improving mental health care.

Or Edgar Cayce’s "Association for Research and Enlightenment", who’s vision is the global manifestation of oneness and the love of God and all people by creating opportunities for profound personal change in body, mind, and spirit.

So too, during the COVID-19 crisis, I've discovered new up and coming spiritual leaders and teachers, and have been tithing to their efforts as they've organized and educated people on principles of transformation, love and light.

I've mentioned my own Spiritual Gurus such as Tracy Farquhar, Christian Mickelsen, and Courtney Starkey in past blog posts, of whom I am very grateful for their tutelage in spirituality, healing, and connecting with multi-dimensional beings.

As of late I have come upon another Teacher whose work has begun to attract many on their spiritual journey to his free Zoom events on making peaceful contact with extraterrestrials and other multi-dimensional beings.

CE5 Global

Rupert Kortosh founded the Global CE5 Facebook Group formed "to establish peaceful, constructive relationships with Extra-Terrestrial and Trans-Dimensional beings. Our goal is universal peace. :)"

Although Rupert's approach to alien communications is more scientific in nature (which feeds the intellectual side of my brain) than Dr. Steven Greer, Rupert is a most generous man with his time and is good of heart.

When it comes to close encounters of the fifth kind (CE5), human initiated contact with extraterrestrials, he provides a supportive community for those who are experiencing unexplained phenomenon. 

He provides a safe space for people to share their unusual experiences in an informed, loving, and peaceful environment.

His Zoom sessions provide a foundational structure of "CE5 Wisdom" for those interested in learning more about multi-dimensional beings and human contact.

Rupert has toured several of the western states doing CE5 events in optimal locations for extraterrestrial contact, sometimes staying with friends, sometimes even sleeping in his car where no lodging was available.  These events were all free for anyone able to participate.  A hat would be put out for $5 dollar donations however, much of the expenses to host events and promote them came from Rupert's own finances, living on a teacher's salary.

Recently, Rupert created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for a night vision camera for CE5 events. The response was overwhelming and his crowd funding goals were surpassed.  

It was suggested that Rupert might want to consider setting up a membership site where folks could donate towards his CE5 Wisdom efforts. People were happy and willing to fund the heartfelt effort of bridging communications through human contact with other worldly beings and contribute to Universal Peace

His Zoom meetings on CE5 Wisdom and Live CE5 Events are still FREE however, now Rupert has a means for those who believe in his good work and are able to donate money and keep this important work going.

Light Workers

Tracy Farquhar has also put together a private Channeling Group to support those wishing to make peaceful loving contact with trans-dimensional beings of a high vibrational frequency. She too creates a safe space through meditation and prayer for participants to connect with past loved ones, spirit guides, extraterrestrials, angels and other beings of Light. The most beautiful messages are coming through the participants and the experiences are loving and divine.

The works of Rupert and Tracy, and other spiritual leaders, in this age of transformation, are appreciated both from Earth beings as well as Star beings.

Their efforts are helping people change the way we see the world, bringing awareness of ourselves as spiritual beings, and providing guidance and direction to questions as they arise. 

It is with gratitude and support that I gladly contribute to their efforts in the hopes that we will reach more people, change more lives, make deeper connections with our heavenly brethren in spirit.

We have reached the tipping point in our human evolution and there are more light workers in the world than ever before. They may be disguised as teachers or waitresses, nurses or dog walkers, Uber drivers or ministers. 

Your act of kindness in the form of a donation or tithe will go a long way to supporting their efforts and encourage them on.

The art of tithing has multiple advantages, in addition to activating the Universal Law of Abundance for yourself, this simple gesture also has added benefits to the receivers of the giving, as they are acknowledged and supported for their efforts, who they are being, and the good work they are doing in the world.

Whomever it is that moves, touches, or inspires you on your spiritual journey, whomever feeds you or expands you, consider tithing to them with a thanks of gratitude.

So too, a kind gesture or donation that you put out in the world will come back to you tenfold and the world will be a better place from your being here, in this time, in this place, in our planetary history.

Here's to your success!


Regina A. Luffey

Business Coach, Teacher & Mystic

Alexandria, VA 22311

P.S. For more information on tithing, check out Rev. Edwene Gains book, "The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance". 

The Four Spiritual Laws


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