Discover Valiant Thor’s Venusian Science Secrets


Curious about your place in the solar system?

Wondering what may lie ahead?

Tired of main stream media lies about the origin of man and non-human intelligence?

Ready to discover new ways to enhance your body, mind, and spirit?

In this Spirit Circle, you will discover:
- the cosmic plan of our solar system
- who are the "wise ones"
- your graduation from Earth
- the next step in your evolution
- how to prepare for your magical life ahead
- and other Venusian secrets

Get all your questions answered in this fun and informative Spirit Circle.
Learn new alternative news resources that are covering the UFO/UAP disclosure movement.

Come prepared to have your mind expanded and your heart filled with love, understanding, hope as part of your new found destiny!

Leave the Spirit Circle renewed, re-energized, and inspired to move forward, practice self-care, and live a life you love!

Venusian Science Secrets by Commander Valiant Thor
Sunday March 24th @ 1 pm ET

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Discover with new found ideas and visions about your spiritual journey and what lies ahead!

RAFFLE: One lucky participant will win a 1-on-1 private zoom Love Potion session where we will create a crystal-clear vision for your ultimate success, uncover hidden challenges that may be slowing you down, or stopping you from being your best self and create a winning plan to reach your goals and dreams.

REFERENCE: Valiant Thor's Venusian Science Secrets: The Supreme Technology of the Ascended Masters by Valiant Thor. 2016. New Saucerian, LLC.

Venusian Science Secrets by Commander Valiant Thor
Sunday March 24th @ 1 pm ET

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Regina A. Luffey, CHt
Mentor, Teacher & Mystic
Spirit Circle LLC

Regina helps men and women to develop their spiritual intuitive gifts, so they can easily access higher realms of consciousness using simple divination tools for guidance and direction to create a life they love full of prosperity, happiness, and success.

Regina has been a natural mystic all her life and has been able to detect the energy of people, places, and things since the age of 9. She has developed her own intuitive gifts and healing modalities while studying with many Holistic Practitioners, Spiritual Healers, Authors, and Speakers around the world.

Regina now practices as a Mentor, Teacher & Mystic in Norther Virginia. You can read more about Regina and her work at


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