I KNOW: How to Access Higher States of Consciousness Using Your Claircognizant Sense


Psychic Intuition, of all the psychic senses, most resembles the kind of instantaneous knowing that for millennia has been the hallmark of prophecy.

Are you one of these intuitive people?

If so, you may feel the rest of the world is functioning in slow motion.

Your mind works quickly.

You experience flashes of unexpected insights.

You leap ahead to certainties no one around you is yet aware of.

During conversations you probably say "I know" long before your friend has finished telling you a piece of news or sharing a feeling.

In this Spirit Circle you will:

  • become aware of how to make the most of your psychic intuition
    - understand the characteristics of the prophetic personality
  • experience what it is like to refine your claircognizant sense
  • learn to tap intuitive information without questioning how or why you know it

You will be given tips and techniques to connect to and trust your own Higher Self for intuitive guidance and wisdom.

Sunday April 28th @ 1:00 pm Eastern Time
I KNOW: How to Access Higher States of Consciousness Using Your Claircognizant Sense

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RAFFLE: One lucky person will win a private 1-on-1 session "What Are Your Psychic Gifts?" valued at $95.00. https://spiritcircle.as.me/yourpsychicgifts

Leave the Spirit Circle knowing how to use your psychic intuition to make your life calmer, safer, more successful, and put you more in tune with the Universe.

And much much moreā€¦

Regina A. Luffey, CHt
Mentor, Teacher, & Mystic
Spirit Circle LLC

Regina helps men and women develop their spiritual intuitive gifts, so they can easily access higher realms of consciousness using simple divination tools for guidance and direction to create a life they love full of prosperity, happiness, and success.

Regina has been a natural mystic all her life and has been able to detect the energy of people, places, and things since the age of 9. Regina has developed her own intuitive gifts and healing modalities while studying with many Holistic Practitioners, Spiritual Healers, Psychic Mediums, Coaches, Authors, and Speakers around the world.

Regina now practices as a Mentor, Teacher & Mystic in Northern Virginia. For more information visit https://www.spirit1234.com.

DISCLAIMER: Concepts and strategies shared in our Spirit Circles are ideas that have worked for members of our Light Being community. All content is for informational purposes only. Always use your own judgment and get the advice of professionals before partaking in any practice or exercise for your own spiritual health and well-being.


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