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Channeling Your Divine Love and Light Now

Divine Love & Light Meditation

The Guided Meditation "Channeling Your Light & Love NOW" is now available on Vimeo.  This is a wonderful opportunity to energize your life and relationships with Divine Love and then offer it to the world.

Everyone is participating in this planetary shift.

The opportunity to bring more light to the world is so great that a call has gone out from the masters and beings of light to ask everyone who can receive and radiate light to do so.

It is important to stay in the light and not fall into mass consciousness.  Know that there is no effort too small or insignificant. Every moment you reach upward and open to light adds to the light that is available for everyone.

You can help bring about a better future as you live in more light and radiate light to others.

There is an enormous opportunity right now to bring more spiritual light to the world.

Have no attachment to any results, for there may be none you can measure. Acknowledge your part in being a valuable and important contribution to all of life.


A new light is dawning for humanity that is creating worldwide changes, not just now but in the past few years and in the future. This new light is revealing more of the divine Self in all life, bringing all life into greater alignment with the divine plan, perfection, and purpose.

1. If you want to assist humanity and all life during this time of the pandemic, open to the light within you. Call upon your soul and let the illumination of your soul pour through you. Commit to being a beacon of light, bringing hope and inspiration to everyone you contact.

2. The light of your soul reveals your divine Self, the innermost part of your being. To connect with your divine Self, relax your body and clear your mind. Let yourself grow more peaceful, more present in this moment.

3. For an expanded meditation, let go of your thoughts, and open to the Divine within you in a moment of silence. Ask your true, innermost Self to reveal Itself to you. Allow more of the consciousness of your divine Self to become your consciousness.

4. Sense your inner light becoming brighter and more visible with this contact. The light of the true Self within you is shining outward through you, like the light coming from a lighthouse.

5. As the true Self within you reveals Itself, notice how brightly your inner light shines forth. In this light you may be able to sense thousands of souls all around you on the inner planes. Greet these souls, trusting that they are there and are happy to connect with you.

6. Everyone's light is growing brighter as the light of the divine Self increasingly shines forth from within each of them. An immense group light forms, becoming a beacon of light for humanity. Sense the light all of you are creating together.

7. Open to the light and consciousness that is being offered to you by the Masters and guides, inner teachers, angels, and beings of light. Allow their love and light to amplify your inner light even more to assist you in deepening your contact with the divine Self, so you can become a more steady, radiant, and enduring light. You are immediately lifting everyone who is connected to or in resonance with you as you do this.

8. Feel the peace and reassurance that is here in this space. You have lifted above mass consciousness and are able to experience a world of peace and harmony. Let your fears, concerns, and worries fall away. From this high vantage point there is a sense that all is well, and that everything that is happening will eventually result in a better world. Acknowledge yourself as a leader, teacher, and healer, for you are as you work in this way.

9. Sense this group light embracing all group and world leaders, strengthening their ability to contact the Divine within them so they can act with vision and clarity, making good choices and decisions.

10. Picture a positive future for yourself and for humanity.

11. Be aware of the impact of your words and thoughts. Refuse to live in fear or energize negative scenarios. Resolve to support others by offering hope, encouragement, and inspiration. As you maintain and sustain your inner light and support and encourage others, you not only strengthen those around you, but this will come back to you as greater strength and stability for yourself.

12. Imagine the group light of thousands around the world and your light expanding to include and embrace your friends and loved ones; all who are responsive to this light; then all humanity and the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms.

Thank you for participating in this Light Worker meditation, filled with Divine Love, peace, radiance and joy in this global Festival of Love brought forth by our call of collective consciousness! 

With Love & Light,


Regina A. Luffey

Business Coach, Teacher & Mystic

Beginner Spiritual Development Circle LLC

Alexandria VA 22311

A Beautiful Inspiring Message from Frank and an Invitation for You

Hello Fellow Light Beings!

This past Thursday we received a beautiful and inspiring message from Frank, the collective energy beings, channeled through Tracy Farquhar. Some word of encouragement they've shared regarding the current health situation are:

- this situation of threatening disease is temporary
- this situation is also an invitation to see yourself as an infinite being in the collective of human consciousness
- confined physically will have you pursue freedom spiritually
- in a profound way, how will this impact the energetic sense of your true self, the true essence of who you are?
- unlimited awareness and new thoughts and ideas arise in this new paradigm, you are not a limited being, you are an infinite being in a physical world come to express and expand
- can you discern through your higher senses what is happening at this time?
- begin to delve in matters of consciousness and spirit when called to do so
- you have never been invited to a more important event in your lifetime to experience this
- the new ways of thinking, the opportunities this event will inspire, will reach far beyond a you start with your own life, your own sphere
- call upon the forces of your own guides, angelic entities, and Source itself for comfort and protection
- we see potential for amazing thing in your future, true to the spirit of who you really are
- the sense of community you are developing will remind you of that

For the full-length Facebook video of Frank's wisdom as channeled through Tracy, please visit

Tracey's trip to MD, VA, and DC for Beginner Spirit Circles has been temporarily delayed due to the global health crisis. However, we do have plans for Tracy and Frank to return late spring or early summer to demonstrate her Vibrational Awareness Workshop, Channeling Sessions with Frank, and Spirit Galleries in MD, DC, and VA.

Stay tuned for more upcoming Spirit Circles with Tracy and Frank! For more information regarding Tracy Farquhar, please visit

Guides and Loved Ones

Through multiple channels of wisdom, we believe that the current health situation is temporary. We invite all to "go within" and review with your own Spirit Guides what changes you might like to make in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

We will be moving our Spirit Circles to Online Webinars until such time as it is safe to meet in person again. We’ve received the vibrational frequencies of compassion to create a better world and we will remain with you throughout the coming days.

For those of you interested in connecting with your Higher Self, we have a six part ONLINE Awakening Your Light Body series offered at 50% OFF our regular Spirit Circle prices.

Have you been on a path of spiritual growth?

Are you interested in experiencing expanded states of consciousness?

Are you receiving inner guidance to create new things in your life, to put more time and energy into your higher path and purpose?

The "Awakening Your Light Body" series offer a unique path of spiritual awakening through experiential, progressive expansions of consciousness that assist you in directly knowing the truth of your being.

ONLINE: Awakening Your Light Body > Part 1: Building Your Power Base
Monday, March 30, 2020
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

SPECIAL THANKS: We thank Ms. Laura Ashley, LCSW-C and Ms. June Becker, LCSW-C, ACHt of Journey's Holistic Therapy Group for providing a loving, safe, and energetic space for our Beginner Spirit Circles and we look forward to joining up as a Community again soon.

ALEXANDRIA VA: We also have a local Alexandria Intuitive Meetup Group of channeled wisdom starting to blossom. Check out Carol Collins and "James" at:

Sending Divine Love for your physical health and spiritual well-being in this time of planetary evolution. 

With Love & Light,


Regina A. Luffey

Business Coach, Teacher & Mystic

Beginner Spiritual Development Circle LLC

Alexandria VA 22311

How to Change the Wider World – Channeled Wisdom with Love

Ziggy and Frank

This week's Spirit Circles moved many of us to view ourselves and our planet in a whole new light.  The visits to MD and VA by Tracey Farquhar and Frank were "other worldly" and benevolent in nature with their kindness and love.

From Deep Space With Love

We talked about beings from other planets and how they communicate with us.  How they view our world in awe and wonder as to the beauty of the Earth and how her vibrational frequency continues to change and ascend as higher realms of consciousness come into awareness of our thoughts and actions have ripple effects throughout the Universe.

Tracey Farquhar

Those women who received personal Mediumship readings during our Spirit Gallery were moved to tears as we all were when loved ones came through with encouragement, wisdom, and healing for those of us still on this plane of existence.

Beginner Spirit Circles

Tracey spent two evenings, one at Journey's Holistic Therapy Group in Charlotte Hall MD, and one at the Courtyard Marriott in Alexandria VA.  My "Take Away" from the weekend was how I look out upon the world and see things I do not like. 

Beginner Spirit Circles

The benevolent collective entities that call themselves "Frank" inspired us to create change within ourselves first when we feel helpless to create change in the wider world. "Ask yourself, how can I create the change within myself first.  Because it is that energetic shift that will lend it's energy to the shift in the wider world".

Beginner Spirit Circles

"And without those challenges, you would not be inspired to speak the truth.  We are not inspired to change until we are forced to face what is unacceptable to us.  And so, it is not the unacceptable thing that is wrong, it is the complacency that allows those things to occur."

Beginner Spirit Circle

Many other expansive thoughts and ideas came through from Frank for us to ponder. The energy of both the channeling session and Spirit Gallery to follow left us moved, touched, and inspired to continue to explore these higher vibrations of conscious awareness for ourselves and our lives. 

For more information regarding the different levels of consciousness, Tracy Farquhar is holding an online two-day workshop.

ONLINE: Raising Your Vibrational Awareness with Psychic Medium Tracy Farquhar
Learn to understand, utilize, and expand your powers of Empathy, Intuition, Psychic Abilities, Mediumship, and Channeling in this online workshop!
Wednesday December 11th, 2019
Thursday December 12th, 2019
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Join from your home PC!

For more info on Tracey Farquhar visit:

Vibrational Awareness

This week’s Spirit Circle continues the discovery of our own psychic gifts in this Free Webinar.

If you have not had an opportunity to do so, feel free to download "What Are Your Psychic Gifts?" at

Join Us for this Month's Free Online Webinar
ONLINE: What Are Your Psychic Gifts?
Wednesday, November 27, 2019
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

To join from your PC please visit:

Or you can call in via telephone:
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    Meeting ID: 383 721 0960

Psychic gifts

If you have an questions or would like to share any information about your own spiritual journey, feel free to email me at  Your email comes straight to my inbox : )

Here's to your Spiritual Health & Wellness,


Regina A. Luffey

Business Coach, Teacher & Mystic

Beginner Spiritual Development Circle LLC

Alexandria VA 22311