November 9

Discovery of Spiritual Library in Washington DC


Due to a series of serendipitous events, I found myself in an historic library in Washington DC, overflowing with all kinds literature of the metaphysical and spiritual kind.

Everything from Buddhism to Christianity, bibliographies of Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, Martin Luther King, books on Mormons and Quakers, Unitarian and Taoism. I found a copy of the Quran in the same room as the Bible and many other religious writings. Rows and rows of spiritual books! I was in heaven.

This was not our intended room, for I had reserved another. I hadn't seen this room before however, I felt a swelling of energy as though the books themselves were welcoming me. "I don't think this is the room I reserved", I said to Tom the caretaker of the evening. "Oh, yes!" he said, this is where I was told you would be. "Okay" I exclaimed, "It's absolutely adorable and it will do just fine".

They say there are no accidents and more and more the interesting unfolding of events in my life have taught me not to question the magic of things as of late. It's as if there is a grander plan and I am but an instrument of Divine Love and Intelligence.

Spiritual Library

My two Guests, Tsion and Emiliano, were a delight to spend the evening with and we carried on into the night about the spiritual gifts we have and the power of our thoughts and beliefs.

How interesting that from the far corners of the world, Ethiopia, Italy and Alexandria, we would find ourselves in Washington DC, sharing stories of our ancestors, divination tools, psychic gifts and the changing of the times.

It was truly a delightful evening, for strangers we were not. It was as if we had known each other for years and our paths had crossed yet again on a journey towards spiritual enlightenment. I hope they learned something new about themselves and enjoyed the evening as much as I did. My biggest takeaway was the allowing of things to happen just as they did and that the cozy Library Room at Friends of Washington was the perfect setting for our many spiritual stories.

It would take me a couple hours to "come down" from our inspiring evening as I look back on this special night, my first of many in Washington DC, and I look forward to seeing my new friends in Spirit Circles again soon.

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