September 28

The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth


Before I talk about extraterrestrials or benevolent spirit beings in our Spirit Circles, I will muscle test to see if I have permission. The answer thus far has not been "Yes".  The Spirit World has strict guidance that I am "not allowed to preprogram or frighten or harm any human who is seeking higher spiritual knowledge and enlightenment through this material".

Not that talking about ETs is a bad thing, in fact, there has been much evidence that has come forth from the works of Dr. Steven Greer, Dolores Cannon, and Tracy Farquhar that prove many beings on other planets and in other dimensions are loving, benevolent, and kind.

However, I am aware that not everyone is mentally prepared for such revelations. Many religions cast fear and damnation if we ponder anything outside of their "belief". And so it has been for hundreds if not thousands of years.

To my delight and surprise, in our Numerology Spirit Circle, when I muscle tested to see if it was optimal to talk of such things, I got a definitive "Yes". So in a very gentle and loving way, I opened the conversation up with the title of a book "Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth" by Dolores Cannon. 

The Three Waves of Volunteers

My good friend, Leigh Irwin, gave me this book a couple years back while on a spiritual women's retreat called "Thinking Outside the Box" with Rev. Edwene Gaines.

This book ROCKED my world. And opened my eyes to a Universe far beyond anything I had learned in Sunday school. I was hooked!

For more information about "Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth" visit

I won't go into details here but to say that I was delighted to have a captive audience at our last Spirit Circle. I could now explain why Numerology is such an integral part of our human existence, ancient history, and Planet Earth herself.

We looked up and reviewed our five main Numerology numbers to get a better understanding of ourselves and why we may view the world as we do. It was very enlightening and fun! As with every Spirit Circle, I too learned many wonderful things this night and enjoyed the vibrational energy that these Light Beings bring.

Speaking extraterrestrial beings... We have a special guest speaker joining us for our MD and VA Spirit Circles this November (I am so excited). Tracy Farquhar, Hay House Author and Psychic Medium will be doing a Channeling Session for a group of eight benevolent beings known collectively as "Frank".

Tracy Farquhar

You can read more about Frank in Tracy's book written with Mike Dooley and published through Hay House called "Channeled Messages from Deep Space: Wisdom for A Changing World" at

From Deep Space With Love

After the channeled event, Tracy will connect with loved ones in spirit and share any messages she receives.

While she can't guarantee that everyone will receive a message, everyone in attendance will find the experience moving and inspirational.

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Receive inspiring and uplifting messages from your loved ones in spirit. Leave the Meetup feeling expanded with new found wisdom and insights!

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